Huge discount for the LG OLED48CX6LB 4K Smart TV

When we reach the price range that exceeds 1,000 euros we cannot beat around the bush. We must demand the maximum of quality and performance from a panel that we want to spend a lot of time with us. But in that aspect we can be calm, since the LG OLED48CX6LB it is up to the task in every way, from the image, the sound, the functions and of course its connectivity.

LG OLED48CX6LB from the front

Superior imaging technology

We are facing a 48-inch television with one of the tightest relationships on the market in terms of screen and frames. Its OLED technology allows you to achieve the purest blacks, making the rest of the colors shine like never before. This Smart TV is 100% compatible with the formats HDR (HDR Dolby Vision, Technicolor, HDR10, HLG and HDR Converter). This translates into a true home cinema experience.

Its image quality allows respecting the colors of the films as they were created. Dolby Vision IQ technology goes a step beyond the well-known Dolby Vision. In this way, you can adapt the screen brightness, color and contrast. adjust automatically and intelligently depending on the genre of the content and the lighting conditions. The sound doesn’t fall short either thanks to Dolby Atmos technology, which offers an immersive acoustic experience.

TV and gamer screen big TV

Performance is assured thanks to α9 Gen3 14-Bit AI Processor with Integrated Deep Learning. Fluid movement and quick response is guaranteed throughout the system. Precisely in this aspect we have the LG webOS 5.0 platform, which is easier, faster and more secure than previous versions and compatible with the Google assistant and Amazon Alexa. This allows you to activate many of its functions or search for content without touching the remote control.

When it comes to finding content we will have no problem, since it has Netflix, Disney + or Apple TV among many others. It also has the so-calleds LG Channels, a free platform from LG Powered by XUMO, it gives you access to full movies and today’s 50 most popular Internet channels, TV, and more

Discount of more than 260 euros

As we say, we are facing a high-end Smart TV, whose usual price is 1600 euros. However, right now We found it on Amazon for 1,337.84 euros, which represents a reduction of more than 261 euros or what is the same, a 16% discount. What we do not know is for how long this offer will be available, so you better hurry if you are thinking of having this pantallion in your home.

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