Huawei Y9A, a phone with incredible design, screen without notch and high performance cameras

When great functionality and technology are added to an excellent design, the result is fabulous. This is the Huawei Y9A, and the best thing is that you can find it with #TecelLaMejorRed and navigate wherever you want.

For a great phone, a great processor

Undoubtedly an essential element in this smartphone is its processor, since thanks to this “brain” the device will be able to give you optimal performance, longer battery life, better graphics and even the ability to use apps and high consumption games.

Well, in the case of the Huawei Y9A it incorporates a MediaTek Helio G80 processor that offers the phone eight powerful cores so that it can perform the most demanding tasks and also to make your phone offer you the best performance during the day.

The Helio G80 has a technology called HyperEngine Game Technology that allows you to have a resource management system to ensure sustained performance and longer hours of play. This technology manages both the processor cores, the device’s graphics and its memory as required to activate improvements in battery consumption, as well as computer warm-up factors and game use.

With this processor you will be able to have optimized the operation of your phone throughout the day and according to your usage patterns, with which you will see that the equipment will respond immediately to your instructions on the screen.

Huawei Y9A has a Helio G80 processor from MediaTek -blog hello telcel

Cameras everywhere

The Huawei Y9A has a feature that makes it one of a kind: its 16 megapixel retractable front camera that allows you to take advantage of the entire screen and not have to see a notch for when you take photos, record videos, play your favorite games or watch movies and videos. In addition, this front camera will allow you to take photos and videos of excellent quality.

On the back you will find a distinctive camera arrangement with a unique design, in which you will have a 64 megapixel main camera that will allow you to capture unimaginable details in all your photos thanks to the use of a large sensor, in addition to an ultra camera. -8 megapixel wide, one 2 megapixels for depth and another more than 2 megapixels so you can take macro photos.

Thanks to the combination of cameras with excellent optics and the use of MediaTek’s Helio G80 processor, you will see that the Huawei Y9A offers you excellent quality in all your photos and videos, as well as a professional-level Bokeh (background blur) effect.

In terms of video, the performance of this equipment is first class since it records in Full HD with very good results thanks to its advanced camera arrangement and the digital stabilization offered by the Helio G80 processor. With this quality in cameras and with the stabilization activated, you can record your videos with an almost professional level that will also make you see better than before and capture all the action in its splendor without making your audience dizzy.

this is the design of the Huawei Y9A - blog hello telcel

Advanced features everywhere

If you double-tap the screen with your knuckle, you can take a screenshot. By touching and drawing a closed area, you only capture an area of ​​the screen. If you double tap with two knuckles you can record your activity on the screen. And if you tap with a knuckle and draw an “S” you can take a scrolling screenshot. You will see that the Huawei Y9A is packed with smart features all over the place and the display is no exception.

You will also find the on and off button with a fast and efficient fingerprint reader that can be programmed for different applications, which serves as a second layer of security in applications, files, images, videos and audios.

Huawei Y9A technology - blog hello telcel

The 4,300 mAh battery is not only quite spacious and will allow you long hours of use, also HUAWEI SuperCharge of 22.5W.

The Huawei Y9A is very light and weighs only 197 grams, has a 3.5 mm headphone jack, has a nano SIM card slot and a Nano Memory Card of up to 256 GB. Its 6 GB of RAM will allow you to open apps over and over again in a very fluid way, while its 128 GB of storage will give you plenty of space so you can store your favorite photos, videos and apps.

Remember that the Huawei Y9A is available at the Service Centers and Telcel Online Store at this link, flatter it, you will love it.

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