Huawei X1 wireless headphones type AirPods very discounted

Offer for Huawei X1 wireless headphones

One of them is the Asian manufacturer Huawei, which has several models of this type. Now, if what we want is cheap stick-type wireless headphones, now it is possible to get this Huawei model at a scandal price. It is about the Huawei X1, headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 to offer a fast and stable connection and that we can use daily to listen to music or answer our calls in hands-free mode.

Huawei X1 wireless earphones with case

A model whose official price is 48.61 euros, but that we can now get at a greatly reduced price thanks to the offer that we find in Gearbest. Specifically, the discount applied to this model is 41%, which represents an incredible saving of more than 20 euros. Therefore, we can take Huawei X1 to a irresistible price of only 28.45 euros.

Great autonomy and noise reduction

The truth is that these Huawei headphones have a very attractive and very light design, being able to wear them all day without any kind of tiredness or fatigue. And we mean the whole day literally, since the 55 mAh of battery that each earbud has along with the 500 mAh of the charging case, offer a total of up to 24 hours of autonomy. Time of use that we can have again with only 1.5 hours of charge.

X1 wireless earphones without case

Therefore, a lot of time to listen to our favorite music while we go to work, study or go out to do sports, as well as to have hands-free conversations. In this case, to make the conversation clearer and clearer, the Huawei X1 headphones have two microphones built into the headset itself. Microphone that also allow the noise reduction, so they will avoid annoying noises or noise interference around us or those produced by the air itself.

It is a model that also has IP54 certification that makes them resistant to dust and other external particles and to water. Therefore, they are able to withstand certain splashes or resist sweat if we use them for sports. Their silicone tips allow them to fit perfectly in our ears so that we can move freely without the risk of dropping them.

Also, thanks to its touch controls, it is possible to control the volume level, skip or resume playback or skip songs with a simple gesture on the headphones themselves without having to hold the mobile phone in hand.

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