Huawei Watch FIT on offer in the Amazon store at an irresistible price

The truth is that the existing promotion is one that should not be missed if you are looking for a wearable of this type, since right now the accessory we are talking about can be obtained for only 79 euros. Quite a bargain, considering that the discount existing is nothing less than the 39%. With options so interesting how not to offer excellent compatibility because you can use it with a phone iOS and Android, we leave you the link that you have to use to make the purchase right now and without having to pay shipping costs in the case of having a Prime account.

Virtues of this Huawei Watch FIT

One of the important and vital for devices of this type is in relation to autonomy. With a full charge of its battery the smartwatch that we are talking about for some 10 days if the use you give it is the usual one. This makes it fit like a glove when it comes to being a good solution in this section, especially if you are one of those who spend a lot of time away from home. In addition, it is very interesting to indicate that this team has fast charge, so in less than an hour you can get energy to spend a full day. Obviously, the charging cable used is USB.

Side of the Huawei Watch FIT

This smart watch also has many positive options to be a solution whether you are working, spending the afternoon quietly at home, even if you go out to practice a sport. We say this because it is capable of recognize up to 96 training modes, so it is difficult for it not to recognize practically all the physical activities that are usually carried out (in addition, many of them are detected automatically, such as walking or cycling). Another of the virtues that is important in this section is that this model offers resistance to water of 5 atmospheres, so you can fight with it or even swim in the pool.

More details of this smartwatch

Among those that are worth highlighting is the inclusion of a screen type 1.64-inch AMOLED. This is tactile, which makes it quite easy to manage all the actions of the operating system that is included or of the integrated applications (which allows from controlling multimedia playback to setting an alarm so that this smart watch is the daily alarm clock). It does not lack either Gps, which we believe is quite positive, since it allows this component to free itself on many occasions from the tether of the mobile phone to which it is synchronized. Ideal what we say to use the Huawei Watch FIT as a pedometer.

Huawei Watch FIT sensor

With a quite striking design, where the possibility of changing the strap of the Huawei Watch FIT is not lacking, it is also a very good detail that this accessory is only 21 grams… which prevents you from noticing excessively that you are wearing it in any situation. With everything indicated and taking into account that you can manage notifications that come to your smartphone, we believe that this device is a very good option to buy now that it is on sale.

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