Huawei smartwatch on sale now for only 78 euros and free shipping

One of the things that stands out about this device compared to the rest of the range of the same manufacturer is that its sphere is not circular, but rather has a rectangular shape that makes it fit very well on the wrist and does not take up as much space as the Watch GT models of the Asian firm. With the possibility of changing the strap on the Huawei Watch Fit, aesthetically this is an attractive model that does not exceed 100 grams and that therefore is worn with high comfort, since its ergonomics is also excellent.

Pink Huawei Watch Fit Smartwatch

The screen that exists in the smart watch we are talking about is type AMOLED, which ensures that outdoors it looks really good (something that helps a lot that its maximum brightness exceeds 300 nits) and the dimensions it offers is of 1.64 inch. To this must be added a pixel density of 324 dpi that ensures excellent definition to see all kinds of content was the component we are talking about. It is important to point out that the compatibility offered by the Huawei smartwatch that is now on sale is excellent, since you can synchronize it both with phones that use the operating system Android or with those who do the same with ios. Come on, any of the ones you can buy in stores today.

Offer that you should take advantage of

The truth is that we have never seen this wearable accessory for so only 78.11 euros, an amount that we almost consider as a grid considering everything it offers (its usual price is € 129). The promotion we are talking about is available in the Amazon store, which is all life insurance, and if you have a Prime account you should know that you will not add anything in terms of shipping costs. It is important to note that the offer right now is only available for the model that has a pink strap that fits perfectly with the aluminum casing that the equipment has.

Autonomy in this Huawei smartwatch

Using a proprietary operating system, which means that you cannot install additional applications, but all the usual ones are present, you can achieve up to 10 days of regular use without having to refill the battery. In addition, this is a model that has a fast charge, since in five minutes you will get enough energy to complete a day. Besides, if you activate the GPS that integrates the time that we have mentioned before it is reduced, of course, but it does not decrease alarmingly, since you can get three days without many problems.

Huawei Watch Fit sensor

Finally you should know that this Huawei Smartwatch offers water resistance of 5 atmospheres, so it is an excellent companion to go out to exercise, and that it has all the necessary sensors to know precisely the physical activity that is carried out, as well as the quality of sleep (and even the level of stress). With all this and taking into account that it is possible to answer the calls that will come to the phone, this smart watch that has a groundbreaking price is an excellent purchase option.

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