Huawei sees the United States as the culprit of the chip shortage

Huawei United States

With the shortage of chips due to the Covid-19 pandemic, technology companies have been affected with the development of their new products

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, several sectors have been affected including the technology industry. With the closure of some places and problems in distribution, brands have had some problems to develop your teams.

For several months, rumors have arisen that assure that there is a chip shortageTherefore, companies cannot produce their equipment. Although there are several factors that influence the crisis, Huawei see as main responsable to USA.

Huawei shortage chips

The Chinese company considers that trade locks that it has imposed on different companies have caused a problem in the distribution of the necessary equipment.

At the 18th Huawei Analyst Summit, Rotating Chairman Eric Xu declared that the sanctions imposed by USA have had an impact on chip shortage.

“Semiconductor chips are an essential input for the manufacture and operation of cell phones, cars, computers and even household appliances”

According to the executive, the panic over the actions taken in the American country has caused some countries to accumulate a larger stock, generating an imbalance in the entire production system.

According to the Nikkei media, Eric Xu indicates that “this could even trigger a new global economic crisis.”

Huawei warns of a price hike in devices

The executive of Huawei He stressed that the measures imposed by the United States not only affect the company, but also harm other companies such as Qualcomm or TSMC since they cannot collaborate with the Asian company.


It is considered that chip shortage is affecting the production of all the new devices of the technology companies. There is even talk that a limited stock could be generated, generating greater panic among users.

In this sense, the president of the company predicts an increase in equipment prices.

About the future of Huawei, Eric Xu stressed that his future plans is not to depend on the United States’ decision on the blocking. In other words, they are seeking to promote collaboration with Asian manufacturers. So that regardless of the decision of third parties they can continue with the manufacture of their chips.

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