Huawei says it will return to the throne in the sale of smartphones


After the blockade imposed by the United States, Huawei lost its throne in the smartphone market. However, the company assured that it will return to the first places of sales

Huawei It would have become one of the brands that sold the most cell phones worldwide, however the blockade imposed by the United States affected its presence in the market.

After it was revealed that Huawei has had casualties sales of their smartphones, the company revealed that it is willing to lose the throne, so he will do everything possible to be in the first places.

Huawei throne

Carlos Morales, Communication Director of Huawei Mexico, acknowledged that it will not be an easy process to be able to resume the throne, but he assured that they already have a plan to place themselves in the first places of sales.

“We had the problem of being a globalized world. Some of the components we need to make smartphones are from third parties and the restrictions they have imposed on us also include being able to buy technology from them “

The executive pointed out that their experience and self-sufficiency will help them to improve their position in the market of mobile devices.

“But all the experience we have acquired throughout all these years will be the key to becoming a company with greater autonomy and self-sufficiency”

Gou Ping, President of Huawei, had already expressed his desire for the company to return to the throne, assuring that at no time will they lower their arms.

“Huawei will continue to exist in the field of mobile phones and with continuous advancements in chip production. The throne of smartphones will finally return ”


Since 2019 Huawei It has looked for alternatives to become an independent and autonomous company and in this way not to depend on companies like Google. This includes building your software and semiconductors, right down to your operating system.

Recent data reveals that the tech giant went from being the largest manufacturer in the world to occupy the seventh place. In Mexico it continues to hold the third position, but brands such as Motorola, Xiaomi and Oppo have begun to rise.

“We have never, never questioned our participation in any of the consumer electronics markets or segments in which we compete. We will continue to make telephones, computers, wearables, regardless of the adversity of the global environment, ”Morales concluded.

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