Huawei patents a smartphone with a 3D camera with three sensors


It was revealed that Huawei would be working on technology to have a 3D camera. That allows to have an analysis of the health of the facial skin

In recent years, sales of smartphones huawei have decreased considerably. However, the company has not stopped working on new technologies that allow you to stand out from the rest.

A patent was revealed in which it would show that the company is working on a technology to have a 3d camera with three sensors that allows to have a health analysis of facial skin.

According to the information displayed, huawei would like to give advice to its users based on the data they get from examining faces.

“All three cameras are capable of capturing a 3D model. It will be able to scan our face, but also animals, such as dogs and cats”


The company had submitted the patent to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in July 2021. Reports indicate that it is a 43-page document entitled ‘Appearance analysis method and electronic device’ and was published on 27 January 2022.

The documents presented speak of a triple camera system Able to take images 3D facialsto perform an accurate face analysis.

The user could rotate the face at will so that he can choose an area of ​​the face that he wishes to analyze.

“This camera system is capable of providing information on pores, wrinkles, acne, blackheads, color spots, dark eyes, etc.”

It would also analyze the face in detail and could tell the depth and size of the pores. In addition, information about the nasal fold and crow’s feet can be provided.

The analysis is possible thanks to the fact that the first two cameras are placed directly in front of each other and the third is positioned in the middle.

Although it could be used on a smartphone, it was revealed that huawei You could also use it as a smart mirror that would be used autonomously and work together with the phone.


Without ruling out the idea that it is a removable camera that could be used automatically or integrated.

Based on the documents, graphic designer Parvez Khan, alias Technizo Concept, created a series of images of what the product would look like.

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