Huawei opens its second cloud data center in Mexico

As part of the celebration of Huawei’s 20 years of operation in Mexico. The company opened its second data center in the cloud in the Aztec country

Huawei It is found with long tablecloths because this month it is celebrating 20 years from operation in Mexico. The Aztec country represents a great development potential for the company, which is why it opened its second cloud data center.

This new center called ‘Region‘is located in Tultitlán, State of Mexico. According to the company, 1,500 direct jobs and 6,500 indirect jobs will be created.


It will be focused on meeting the demand of the education, medicine, retail and internet industries in the country. Huawei pointed out that it is these markets that require this technology to accelerate your business and to support your information.

“The Region is an important concept in the cloud. Huawei has invested great human and material efforts and it would not only be an investment in Mexico. Rather, this type of investment is made globally in infrastructure “

Huawei considers Mexico a pillar for its business in the Cloud

Huawei He anticipated that it will be the first cloud data center that will operate from virtual way. For the moment it will focus on the demand generated in Mexico, although it is not ruled out that in the future it will also be in charge of this technology from other countries.

“Our new cloud ‘Region’ is proof of our strategy and commitment to clients in Mexico and Latin America and represents Huawei’s consistent investment in the country, including computing infrastructure, service team, sales team and also the investment ”, explained Liu Jiude, executive general director of Huawei in Mexico.

So far the amount of the investment of Huawei in this new cloud data center in the Aztec country.


With this second cloud data center, Mexico equals Chile and Brazil in number of regions per country.

According to Fernando Liu, CEO of Huawei Cloud, the demand for public cloud in Latin America had a growth of 140%.

Although he did not reveal the exact data in Mexico, he specified that this percentage was exceeded. In this sense, the importance of having a new cloud data center.

Huawei hopes to help accelerate digital transformation in Mexico by investing in technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Big Data.

“We are investing throughout Latin America. As for our public cloud service, we estimate to invest a lot in Mexico, because it is a market with great potential not only in Mexico City or in the State of Mexico, but we also estimate to invest throughout the country “

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