Huawei leaves the top 5 in smartphone sales and loses its leadership


After being the leader in smartphone sales above Samsung and Apple, Huawei ranks seventh

Huawei is living one of the most complicated moments for the sales his smartphones. After leading brands in this sector above Samsung Y Manzana, the company now ranks seventh with 18.6 million units.

Two years after the blockade imposed by the United States, the technology giant has low income and leaves the top 5 of the companies with the most cell phone sales.


According to distribution data of smartphones worldwide offered by various consulting firms, including IDC and Canalys, global mobile shipments have soared above 25%, to 346 million units. In this sense Samsung ranks first with a market share of over 21%.

The evil ones sales from smartphones from Huawei spoke out when the company ditched its brand Honor at the end of 2020.

According to the company, the decision to sell its subsidiary was due to pressure due to the lack of technical elements. They also wanted me to continue counting on the services of Google.

“Honor meant worldwide shipments for Huawei of around 70 million units per year”

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Worldwide, the decline in mobile sales from Huawei This translates into a 16.5% decrease in revenue this first quarter of the year, compared to the same period in 2020, reaching 152,200 million yuan (19,432 million euros).

Samsung and Apple lead in smartphone sales

While Huawei your Samsung sales regains first place with 76.5 million shipments (22%), followed by Manzana with 52.4 million (15%).

The third place is occupied by Xiaomi with 49 million units (14%), then Oppo with 37.6 million units and Vivo with 36 million.

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