Huawei launches smart water bottle with HarmonyOS

smart water bottle

Huawei’s new bet is a smart water bottle that has its HarmonyOS operating system

After the blockade imposed by the United States, Huawei continues to expand its services and is now committed to accessories. The company surprised by presenting a smart water bottle with HarmonyOS.

The company seeks that its system reaches more products and has begun to incorporate it into other products, in this way the company seeks to expand the scope of its service.

For the creation of the water bottle, Huawei joined with Haers. It has an LED display on the top, which will provide some data such as the temperature of the liquid it stores.


In this sense, the device can maintain the temperature of any liquid for up to 12 hours. Whether you add coffee, tea, or just water.

It also has motion sensors that allow it to detect when the user drinks water and in this way he will be able to know how much he consumes during the day.

The smart water bottle It has 440 ml capacity, it is made of stainless steel that also provides protection against some germs and bacteria.

“It has a coating that promises to kill 99% of germs and is certified for water resistance; it is also made of 316L stainless steel “

The display can also show the name of its owner and in this way prevent someone else from using it by mistake.

At the moment the water bottle with HarmonyOS It is only available in China at a price of 59 yuan, which translates to about $ 25.

Huawei smart water bottle

It is available in blue, black and white. Its battery can last up to four weeks on a single charge.

The smart water bottle It can be connected to the cell phone via Bluetooth and it can send reminders to users so that they know when it is necessary to hydrate.

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