Huawei has a plan to bypass the US blockade

Huawei United States

In order to increase the sales of its smartphones, Huawei already had a plan that would allow it to bypass the blockade imposed by the United States

In recent years Huawei has experienced a drop in sales of their smartphones caused by the veto that he imposed USA.

Since 2019 the company cannot do business with US companies. After these measures, the tech giant he opted to create his own services so as not to depend on third parties.

However, these measures have not provided the number of smartphone sales expected by the company. So that Huawei he would already be thinking of a new plan that allows him to skip the restrictions imposed by the United States.


According to Bloomberg, the technology giant discovered a way in which its mobiles could avoid the limitations imposed by the North American country.

For it Huawei it would have to “license its smartphone designs to third parties, so that they are the ones to manufacture them.”

In this way Huawei would not technically be the manufacturer and its name would not have to appear in the name of the device. Thus, the company could continue to receive income from the sales of these licenses.

The buyer would not have the United States blockade and in this way it could acquire the components and the necessary software to sell smartphones.

Reports indicate that Huawei It would already have the manufacturer, it would be PTAC (China Postal and Telecommunications Appliances Co.), a government company that already sells models of the company in China, such as the recent Nova 9.

So the next step would be for this third party to sell their mobiles with their own brand called Xnova, but in reality they would be Huawei models.

Huawei cell phone

TD Tech Ltd., a manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, would also enter this equation, which will also sell mobile phones with the design of Huawei, but under his own name.

According to Bloomberg, the company seeks not to leave the market and prefers to resort to these types of alliances since the launches of its own smartphones they have slowed down in the last two years.

“Huawei prefers to continue with one foot in the sector, rather than close the mobile division; he is aware that reopening it when the situation improves would be much more difficult “

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