Huawei creates its own malicious app detector as an alternative to Google Play

MADRID, April 23 (2021) –

The Chinese technology manufacturer Huawei has created its own method to detect malicious applications on your mobile phones and tablets, as an alternative to Google Play Protect services, which you cannot use due to the company’s veto by the United States.

Huawei has registered a patent in China, dated Tuesday, April 20, of a “malicious application detection method for a device and storage medium“.

The method registered by Huawei works by comparing the information of the operating system in its initial configuration with that of the running system, as compiled in the patent summary and reported on the local ITHome portal.

This Huawei system compares the legal information of the applications installed on your mobile devices (phones and tablets), and assesses whether ‘applications’ are malicious by saving compute and storage resources and improving efficiency.

Likewise, the security system created by Huawei will allow the detection of ‘apps’ that pose a threat even after they make changes to their code or use techniques to camouflage malicious code such as obfuscation or the use of ‘shells’.

This mechanism is an alternative to the protection system. Google Play Protect, which Huawei cannot use on its devices on its new devices since May 2019, when The United States included it in the List of Entities With this, it does not allow companies from this country to do business with the Chinese company, and with that it vetoed access to Google services.

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