Huawei Bluetooth headphones on sale now with a saving of 40 euros

The accessory we are talking about is the Huawei FreeLace Pro, which is a device that fits into the range of neck helmets (since they include an element that is placed in this place and that increases both the stability and the comfort of using them. ). This product is finished in color black, so you will not have a problem when it comes to combining it in all kinds of situations, it should be noted that its weight is only 34 grams what favors to achieve excellent comfort in use and, even, that they are a good complement when playing sports.

Huawei FreeLace Pro headphones in black color

The sound quality of these Huawei Bluetooth headphones is beyond doubt, the reason is that on the one hand they include a 14mm dynamic driver, which ensures that the work with all sound ranges is quite accurate and therefore the definition in the reproductions is very high. Besides, it should be noted that as we have mentioned before this is a model that has Noise Cancellation (in this case active) which ensures that nothing around you bothers you when it comes to enjoying your music and listening to the dialogues in the YouTube videos that you like the most. In short, you will be quite satisfied with everything that this accessory offers you, which right now has a very interesting promotion, how we are going to indicate you.

Buy this product, it is a bargain

With everything that we have indicated so far and taking into account that right now there is an offer on Amazon for which you save 34% of the price you would normally have to pay, we believe that it is an excellent time to get these high quality wireless headphones that have a lot of positive possibilities such as, for example, that they include silicone tips for the best possible fit. We leave the link that you have to use in the aforementioned online store to make the purchase and not pay anything for the shipping costs in the case of having a Prime account.

Great autonomy of Huawei Bluetooth headphones

The truth is that in this section the product we are talking about is very pleasantly surprised, since with a load it is possible reach 24 hours of usual use… Yes, we are talking about a whole day. If you wonder if this is the case with noise cancellation activated, it must be said that the time is reduced, but not in a very significant way, since it stays at 16 hours. An excellent brand. There is a very good detail in this section in the Huawei FreeLace Pro: USB socket for charging is integrated in the neck element, which avoids the use of any cable (and that you do not have to carry any in your backpack).

USB connection of the Huawei FreeLace Pro

Finally, it should be noted that this is interesting to articulate Bluetooth that includes a dual mic that allows you to answer calls in a very simple way and without disturbing any of the noise around you. In addition, it also has a integrated control that allows you to control all the reproductions without having to take your phone out of your pocket when you are away from home.

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