HTC teams up with iFixit to provide official replacement parts for VIVE helmet users

MADRID, April 27 (2021) –

HTC has partnered with replacement parts provider iFixit provide users of the company’s augmented reality headsets with official items and accessories with which they can extend the life of their devices beyond the warranty period.

iFixit is a global supplier of spare parts, tutorials and tools for electronic devices, but also a international community that defends the right to reparation of the users.

The partnership between iFixit and HTC is “an unprecedented approach “ with which the Taiwanese company can “meet the demands” of its long-time customers who want to repair and continue to wear their helmets when they are out of warranty or are no longer available through official HTC channels, as indicated by the head of HTC America, Daniel O’Brien, in a statement posted on the VIVE blog.

For his part, the CEO and co-founder of iFixit has described the agreement as “innovative”. “HTC is the first virtual reality manufacturer to assist its customers with the parts they need keep your headphones working ”, It has also indicated in the statement.

At the moment, the alliance between iFixit and HTC is limited to North America, where users of the VIVE CE and VIVE PRO devices, the VIVE wireless adapter, the VIVE tracker, and other peripheral accessories can Request parts and repair guides.

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