How to watch a TikTok video that you lost after updating the app?

The need to save content that appears on our feed what we cannot read, see or pay enough attention to it instantly, it arose from before it existed TikTok. That is why each social network has launched various functions so that we can store that publication and enjoy it whenever we want.

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Although TikTok took into account this useful function of other social networks and since its launch it has the options ‘Add to favorites’ and ‘Save this video’ that allow you to save publications to see them later, it also often happens that we forget that step or that the app is updated before we can store them.

What can you do to rewatch a TikTok video that you didn’t save?

First of all, you must have the latest update of the application since this function was recently implemented. To verify that you have the latest version, go to the App Store if you have an iPhone or the Google Play Store if you have an Android device. Search for “TikTok” and if the ‘Update’ button appears, select it and voila!

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Once you have version 22.8.0 of TikTok, open the app on your mobile device and click on ‘Trends’, one of the options located at the bottom of your profile.

Locate the search engine and type keywords related to the video that you want to find again.

Then, select the option to filter the results that you will find on the right side of the search engine with two lines.

Finally, activate the option ‘Watched videos’ and you will be able to view the videos you have seen in the last seven days.

Although this function does not apply for a period greater than seven days, it will be very useful when the app loads new content and you do not have the opportunity to save the video that you wanted to share or save. Also, with your Max Telcel Unlimited Plan You will be able to enjoy all the TikTok videos with double the gigs with which you will be able to continue browsing with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

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And you, did you already know about this new TikTok feature?

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