How to use the viral effect to give movement to photos on TikTok?

TikTok has become one of the most popular apps in recent years. One of the key features to make it the favorite of the youngest is the ability to edit videos with multiple tools in a very simple way. However, the effect to give movement to the images is not within the app.

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You’ve probably found posts where TikTok users upload photos of actors or personalities saying some funny things or gesturing. And although many of these videos also include filters that you can find within the application, the effect to create that movement in the photographs is from an external app that we explain how to use here.

Mug life: the external app to achieve that movement effect in TikTok photos

Mug Life, the app to give movement to photos on TikTok - Hola Telcel Blog"

The first thing you should do is download the app Mug life: Face animation from Google Play or Apple Store. Although you should take into account that if your device has an iOS operating system, the app has a cost that can be weekly, monthly or annually.

Once you are inside the app, you will find a camera icon in the upper right hand side. Clicking it will give you the option to choose a photo from the roll of your mobile device or take a new one.

In any of the options, the app will detect the face that it will give movement to and will put blue dots on it to be able to distort the image according to the animation you select.

The app integrates default animations such as ‘Disappointed’, ‘Yes’, ‘That’s Nice’ and many other reactions. However, you can also create your own gestures and dialogues by selecting ‘Act’. You will find that button in the lower left part of your creation, next to the ‘Create’ button.

Share your animation on TikTok!

Once you have finished animating your image, select ‘Share’ and you can automatically upload it to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, apps that you can use unlimitedly with your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan and continue browsing with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

Learn how to use viral effect to give movement to photos on TikTok-Blog Hola Telcel

To share it on TikTok you will have to select ‘Reel’ and export it as ‘Video loop’ or ‘Gif’, since both formats are compatible with the app.

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Later, you can upload it like any other video to TikTok. Without a doubt, the combination of the effect that you can create from Mug life and the filters that TikTok offers will help you create unique and extremely funny videos. Now that you know how to do it, will you join this comical trend?

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