How to use the fast charge of your cell phone without damaging the battery?

Some years ago, it was very difficult to get a cell phone on in less than half an hour after the battery was completely drained. However, now there are several models with which through fast charging, we can turn them on in less than five minutes and see the battery fully charged in less than thirty.

However, the excessive use of fast charging can also damage your cell phone battery in the long term due to the overstrain made by the internal components of the battery in charge of carrying out this task.

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Why does fast charging damage the battery?

According to a study conducted by Purdue University, the fast charging implemented in the smartphones It is based on the same technology as electric cars that use lithium batteries. And after an analysis by means of X-rays, they found that even with the improvements over the years, using this type of recharge damages the battery in the long term. But, if it happens in a matter of days or weeks, it would be a mistake when choosing the cable or charger for your cell phone.

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“Every time a battery is charged, the lithium ions travel back and forth between a positive electrode and a negative electrode. These ions interact with the electrode particles, causing them to crack and degrade over time. Electrode damage reduces the charge capacity of a battery ”, it is read between the conclusions of the study.

Tips to reduce the deterioration of your battery

  • The first recommendation is to use fast charging only when necessary and use a USB cable connected to a computer to charge it slowly.
    In some smartphones the option is always on ‘Fast battery charging’ or ‘Battery charge’, so better turn it off and only turn it on when needed.

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  • Constantly check the health of your battery! In some cell phones you can check how much the usefulness of your battery has deteriorated. On Apple devices, you can find it in the ‘Settings’ menu and later in ‘Battery’. There you will find the option ‘Condition’, which will let you know if you need any procedure and also the percentage of capacity that you have left.

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  • Use wireless charging if you have a high-end device. Qi charging is a standard that more and more phones have. This wireless charging usually delivers a lower flow of volts and amps (the usual is between 5-10 W, although the Qi standard reaches 15 W).

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This technology can already be found in the model OPPO A54 that you can buy in the Telcel online store and with which you will not have to worry about the useful life of your battery. Enjoy a new team and keep browsing with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed!

Follow the above tips, take care of your phone’s battery, and continue enjoying their company for much longer!

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