How to unlock secret emojis on iPhone step by step

Emojis in chats or messages help us express feelings of happiness, sadness, surprise or love. But if you think that the current ones are not enough and you want to surprise your friends with original figures, here we share the step by step to unlock the keyboard of emojis that is kept hidden on your iPhone.

secret iphone emojis

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Unlock secret iPhone emojis

Your iPhone has a secret emoji keyboard, which you probably did not know until today. This is a pack of simple figures that will remind you of the emoticons that were used a decade ago.

These are dozens of emojis that reflect expressions with typographic symbols, for example: (^^) or (<3). Using them will give you a touch retro to your conversations and you can also include them in your social media posts. Unlocking them is very easy, you just have to follow these steps.

  • Enter the Settings iPhone
  • Choose general Y Keyboard.
  • In Keyboards add a new one
  • Select Japanese, tap Kana and up in Ok.

secret iphone emojis

What follows is to use this keyboard in your conversations or social networks.

  • Enter a chat or start writing a post.
  • Press and hold the balloon that appears in the lower left and select the Japanese keyboard.
  • Click on the white icon and tap on the arrow located at the top right.
  • Choose the emojis or emoticons you want.
  • Press send or publish.

secret iphone emojis

Using them is very simple and you can return to the normal keyboard at any time by simply pressing on the globe. It’s very easy!

Will you dare to share these emojis?

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