How to take a ‘selfie’ without touching the screen on Android devices?

One of the great difficulties when we want to take a group photo without anyone present missing, is getting everyone to come out in it. Stretching your arm and pressing the button to take it usually causes the photo to be blurred. However, some Samsung devices have the ability to take a selfie no need to touch the screen and avoid these annoying problems.

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Step by step to take a selfie without touching the screen from an Android device

  • Open the camera of your Android device and then enter ‘Settings’ by clicking on the top icon. The right or left side will depend on the Samsung cell phone model you have.
  • Then select ‘Shooting modes’ and activate ‘Voice commands’ and ‘Show palm’.
  • And ready! Once these functions are activated, you can take a selfie by saying ‘Smile’, ‘Potato’, ‘Shoot’ and ‘Capture’ or by showing the palm of your hand.

Different ways to take a selfie from Samsung cell phones - Hola Telcel Blog

After your mobile device detects the command, it will give you a couple of seconds so that you can settle into your best position for the selfie.

What Android devices have this feature?

Most of the devices that Samsung has released in recent years have this feature. Some of them are the latest generations of the Samsung Galaxy Z, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy A series.

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