How to take a screenshot of a complete chat on WhatsApp Web?

There are different ways to take a screenshot on Android and iOS devices. However, to do it from WhatsApp Web there is a secret trick through a Google Chrome extension with which you can achieve it and here we tell you how it works.

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Step by step to start using GoFullPage

The first step to be able to take screenshots of your chats on WhatsApp Web is the installation of the Google Chrome extension called GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture. To do this, you just have to click on ‘Add to Chrome’ from the Google page and then accept the installation in ‘Add extension’.

Once the extension is installed, you can find it in the section ‘Extensions’ which is located in the upper right part of your Google Chrome screen, next to the section on ‘Favorites’, exactly on the puzzle icon.

Take a screenshot with gofullpage on WhatsApp Web - Blog Hola Telcel

When locating it, select the option ‘Pin up’ (the tack icon should turn blue) and a camera will automatically appear on the left side of the puzzle icon.

The next step is to configure GoFullPage. Click on the menu with the three dots next to the tack and select ‘Options’, then click on the option ‘Image format’ and choose the one that says ‘JPG’. On ‘Paper size’ we recommend you ‘Portrait A4 ′. Finally, activate the option ‘Fit copies to Google Docs limits’. This last setting will allow Google Docs to configure the image quality so that you can use it without having to lower the resolution.

Take your screenshot from WhatsApp Web!

Once you have configured GoFullPage, you just have to open the chat you want to take a screenshot of and then click on the camera icon. Instantly you will be able to observe how the chat begins to scroll down and finally a new tab will open for you that will allow you to edit and download the image in PDF or PNG.

With this extension you can also use special effects like ‘Blur’ to blur any part of the conversation that you want to hide, add text or even emojis to the image.

Edit photos after the screenshot in WhatsApp Web - Blog Hola Telcel

This Google Chrome extension will also help you take screenshots of complete web pages or chats on any other platform.

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This and other Google Chrome extensions can make our day-to-day tasks easier and in Hello Telcel We share several tricks to get the most out of them. So be sure to stay tuned!

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