How to set your phone to yell at you when it’s already charged?

Among the many recommendations to extend the battery life of your smartphone, is not exceeding the minutes of charge leaving it connected for hours. However, it is a fact that when connecting it to charge, many forget it and keep it plugged in for a long time.

Fortunately, there is an incredible trick with which you can program an alert with which, literally, your smartphone yells at you that his battery is already full. It is a notification with sound with which you will be able to know when your phone has reached 100% charge, to disconnect it in time and not leave it much longer.

Phone charging, a trick to make it yell at you every time its battery is full.- Blog Hola Telcel

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How to make your phone yell at you when it finishes charging its battery?

1. Enter Google Play and download the application Battery Sound Notification.

2. Once installed on your phone, grant it the necessary permissions for it to work properly.
3. Enter the application and click on the plus icon ‘+’ which is located at the top.
4. Now three options will appear: ‘Mode’, ‘Sound’ Y ‘General’.

5. In the first one choose ‘Full batery’ and put 100%. In the second, choose ‘text to speech’ and type what you want your phone to yell at you as a notification.
6. Save the changes and you’re done.

Battery Sound Notification, app with which you can configure your phone to yell at you when its battery is full.- Blog Hola Telcel

Battery Sound Notification is a completely safe and free app, it will not take up much space on your smartphone and it will prevent you from leaving it connected for hours to the electricity current. In addition, it is compatible with any Android device that, if you are already thinking of renewing, we recommend incredible models such as the Honor 50 Lite with SuperCharge, which you find in the Telcel online store with #TelcelLaBestRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

Best of all, with this trick you can customize the shout your phone asks you to turn it off with, so you can be creative and choose a custom message that always amuses you, like “help, disconnect me” or “Battery full, time to unplug.”

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