How to send WhatsApp voice notes in ‘hands-free’ mode

Sending voice notes is super practical to communicate in an agile way with our contacts; however they also require a certain skill. Did you know that it is possible to send them in a different way than we all know? We tell you how to send WhatsApp voice notes in hands-free mode.

how to send voice notes on WhatsApp in hands-free modeSometimes it is a bit uncomfortable to have the microphone button pressed during the time we are talking; so much so that it would be almost impossible to do anything else while recording the voice note.

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How to send voice notes on WhatsApp in hands-free mode?

Previously we have explained how to send voice notes without having to touch the cell phone, however, this mode is different.

You see, this other way to send audios is to attach them instead of recording them.

how to send voice notes on WhatsApp in hands-free mode

With this hands-free mode, the recorder is opened within the application; then record the message inside it and finally it is attached in a conversation.

That is, if you want to send an audio without having to hold the microphone continuously, you must:

  • Click on the ‘Attach’ icon
  • Select ‘Audio’
  • A drop-down window will open; in this select ‘Record with WhatsApp’ and the app will do its part
  • When you are satisfied with the recording, click ‘OK’ and send it

send WhatsApp voice notes hands-free modeThe advantage of using audio in hands-free mode?

In this way you can use your mobile while you record your audios. In fact, while you speak you can even consult other applications without problem.
You can also preview the audio before sending it; a very convenient advantage to avoid mistakes.

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Also, for conversations with maximum privacy, so you can activate facial recognition to block WhatsApp.

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