How to remove annoying echo from a video call on Google Meet?

Google Meet will extend its new interface to all users

Google Meet alerts people if they are producing the annoying echo during a video call, learn how to eliminate it

The video calls have become a fundamental part of the Home Office, however some can be very uncomfortable if it is not possible to eliminate the annoying echo that is generated.

Google Meet decided to develop a tool that alerts people if the problem with the audio is being caused by them.

The company explained that many of the people are unaware of how the echo, so neither can they eliminate the audio return and it is present during the entire video call.

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Google Meet displays a notification when a resonance is detected during a video call and that it cannot be deactivated automatically.

This way when it is detected echo, a red dot will appear on the screen of the culprit. In case you generate problems in the audio you will receive the notice in the settings option.

The user will be able to click on the notification and access the help center to be able to solve the echo problem. This function complements the tool that the platform already had and that consisted of its algorithm reducing the echo.

It should be noted that this feature is already enabled by default. So if users do not need it, they must deactivate it manually.

google-meet-video call-echo

This new tool is already available to some users with Google Workspace, G Suite Basic and Business accounts. Its distribution is expected to continue in a phased manner.

Google Meet It is not the only application that has presented functions to improve the audio and avoid problems such as echo. FaceTime and Apple are already working to warn people if they want to speak and their microphone is turned off.

The idea of ​​applications is that video calls they no longer represent a problem and can be done more naturally without requiring other issues than a computer.

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