How to recover deleted numbers on WhatsApp?

It is surprising how much WhatsApp has developed in recent months; every week a new feature or tool is revealed to suit the tastes and needs of its more than two billion users. However, the app still has a long way to go and come up with solutions for simple and common problems, for example, What to do to recover deleted numbers on WhatsApp?

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There are many ways to accidentally delete a WhatsApp number that you wanted to keep. Maybe you never registered it and the conversation got deleted, you updated your contact list and some disappeared or you just deleted them on your own and now you need them. Luckily, there are a couple of alternatives to solve this problem from your phone.

How to recover deleted WhatsApp numbers?

Restore the backup from WhatsApp

WhatsApp backup is an automatic tool that updates the conversations you have had every day. This copy is stored within the application and is a way to recover lost chats or a deleted WhatsApp number. For this you have to:

1. Open WhatsApp and enter the menu with three dots that is located in the upper right part.
2. Several options will be displayed, choose the one that says ‘Settings’.

3. Now select ‘Chats’.

4. You will find an option that says ‘Backup’ with the exact time of the last copy that was made, the date and the size of the file.
5. Now that you know the previous data, you have to delete the application and reinstall it normally. Don’t worry, your chats won’t get lost.
6. Follow the installation steps and when the option “A backup copy was found” appears, click on ‘Restore’.

7. When the data is finished transferring, you will notice that you have recovered the number you wanted.

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Restore contact list from Android

Another option to recover a deleted WhatsApp number on Android phones is to use the ‘Google Contacts’, which are updated as you add one more friend to your agenda. But for this alternative to work, it should not be more than thirty days after losing the number.

1. Enter your Gmail account from your Android phone and click on the three lines located in the upper right corner.
2. Select the option ‘Contacts’.

3. Once there, press again on the three lines and choose the option ‘Plus’.

4. Now, click on ‘Undo changes’, choose the desired period and confirm the action. With this, the contacts will be restored to how they were before the changes where you lost the number you need.

How to restore your contact list from Android with Google - Hola Telcel blog

As you may have noticed, both procedures are very easy to perform and work without external apps. But so that it does not happen to you again, we recommend that you constantly backup your contact list in your space in the Claro drive cloud, your best option to store photos, videos, music, documents and more, safely. In addition, as a Telcel customer you can enjoy 100 GB of free storage, enjoying all the benefits with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

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Now you know, so as not to lose WhatsApp numbers, always save them correctly and have a backup of them. 😉

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