How to recover a deleted WhatsApp chat on Android?

At some point we have all had the need to recover a deleted chat from WhatsApp. It can be for such a simple reason, such as wanting to reread a conversation with a special person or wanting to remember a date, photograph, agreement or any detail that disappeared as soon as we deleted that chat.

If it still does not happen to you or you have an iOS device, the best option to avoid this complication is to prevent yourself with a backup to Google Drive.

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Step by step to recover a deleted WhatsApp chat on Android

Unfortunately, the only option to recover a deleted chat through an external app is only available for Android devices. In case you only have an iOS device, you can recover them through the backup.

To do this, you must make sure that this option is activated. Just go to the WhatsApp ‘Settings’ menu, then go to the ‘Chats’ option and select ‘Backup’. In case ‘Automatic copy’ has a selection except ‘Never’, that option is activated.

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Even if you don’t want to activate it permanently and you plan to delete a WhatsApp chat, but you want to save the information on another site, you have the option ‘Export chat’ with which you can include all the audio and image files and save them in Google Drive, send it by chat or save it directly in a folder on your mobile device.

Apps to recover chat history on WhatsApp

that if the conversation happened before you installed them, you will not be able to recover a deleted WhatsApp chat either. However, you can make sure you get them back even after a long time. In the case of having the backup activated in WhatsApp, it will only allow you to recover a chat from the last seven days.

Some of the apps that you can try if your device is Android are WAMR and WhatsRemoved +. With them you will be able to read the messages deleted by the other person if you could not read them before.

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At the moment, there is no way to recover a deleted WhatsApp chat without an external app or with the backup, however, if at any time we discover a trick to do it, you will know it in Hello Telcel!

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