How to record a WhatsApp call and nobody notices it?

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app in the world. However, it is clear to us that there are still many features and tools to come to make it perfect. Luckily, there are alternatives and tricks to improve your experience in the app. The one we share with you here is how to record a WhatsApp call and let no one know about it.

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Record a call from WhatsApp it can be useful for many situations. For example, when you talk with someone and they share important data with you and you can’t write them down or if you are in an interview by phone and then you want to see what was discussed during the conversation.

Whatever the case, here we share a trick to record your calls from WhatsApp. Best of all, it is possible to do it on devices Android Y ios, and you don’t need external apps to achieve it.

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How to record a WhatsApp call?

On Android phones

1. Open WhatsApp and call the contact you want to talk to.
2. Once he answers you, put the call on loudspeaker and turn up the volume as much as possible.
3. Now go to your phone’s menu and open Voice Recorder, which is pre-installed on all Android phones.
4. Start recording and once the call ends, you stop recording.
5. The conversation will be saved in your files.

Voice recorder on Android, to record WhatsApp calls- Blog Hola Telcel

On iOS phones

Performing this trick on iPhone is more complex, mainly because phones do not allow the recorder to be activated at the same time as a call. So, what you have to do is have your Mac computer close by, connect your phone to the computer and follow this step by step:

1. Open QuickTime on your Mac.
2. Go to ‘File’ and then select ‘New Audio Recording’.
3. Select your iPhone and press to start recording.
4. Now you just have to call whoever you want to talk to on WhatsApp.
5. When the conversation ends, the recording ends.
6. The recording will be saved in your file gallery.

Apple QuickTime for Mac and iPhone, how to record calls on WhatsApp- Blog Hola Telcel

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You can delete the recordings at any time and only keep them if necessary. Did you know this WhatsApp trick? 🤔

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