How to protect your privacy while using Safari?

safari protection

When you browse the internet it is important to protect your privacy, learn how to make changes in Safari to increase your security

Safari It is one of the most used browsers to carry out different searches for both personal and work matters. Although it is available on Apple devices, it is important to increase the protection of your privacy.

Since 2000, the equipment of the Cupertino company has had this browser. On several occasions the company has boasted of its security, however users can perform some actions to maintain a greater protection.


Although it is of great help browse at incognito mode, there are other tools that help users keep their personal data protected.

With Safari 14 some tools were implemented, such as a system that allows knowing which advertising trackers are on the websites that are being visited. And it is that a record of the trackers that were found in the last 30 days is offered, as well as their respective origin.

To activate the trackers blocking It is necessary to access Program Preferences and from there access Privacy. In this section you should check that the option ‘Avoid tracking between sites’ is active.

If you want to know the sites that have left trackers and cookies in Safari, you must access ‘Manage website data’.

safari 14

To remove them, just click Remove next to any of the individual trackers. There is also the option to delete everything, in this way the browser will be clean.

This section also shows the active cookies, which can also be deleted. It should be remembered that some of them are necessary for some sites to remember data such as previously established passwords or preferences.

Experts recommend eliminating those that come from third parties, such as advertisers, since they could put your security at risk while browsing Safari.

The browser cleanup it is advisable to do it periodically. In this way, privacy and user data will be protected. Besides that it helps the speed of navigation.

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