How to process the digital driver’s license to carry it on your smartphone?

If you are totally digital, you will love this alternative. We tell you how to get a digital driver’s license online to watch from your cell phone.

Now the system will be used for renewals and payment of type A licenses digitally. This, with the idea of ​​preventing people from using the modules or leaving their homes if they do not require it.

how to obtain a digital driver's license online

Get your digital license from the CDMX app

Best of all, these digital driver’s licenses are as valid as plastic. In order to obtain the digital driver’s license online you will need to have installed on your smartphone the CDMX App; in addition to having a previous license still in force.

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how to obtain a digital driver's license online

What type of license can be generated digitally?

For now, permanent type A licenses will not be found in their digital version within the app, while those who have their limited physical licenses – also valid – will be able to have their digital version.

The reason why permanent licenses –issued from 2000 to 2006– still cannot be processed digitally; is that the CDMX authorities have not yet updated the database of these users.

how to obtain a digital driver's license online

Proof of temporary renewal

Digital license renewals will officially begin on December 16. For this, it is necessary that your information and photograph are updated.

In case you do not have this updated information, you will have the possibility of issuing a ‘temporary renewal certificate’ from December 18 through the website to process the certificate. This website will be available from that day on.

This constancy is not equivalent to the digital license, but it will allow users to continue circulating with their previous plastic.

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how to obtain a digital driver's license online

Follow this step by step to process your digital license

  • Install the CDMX App
  • Enter the ‘Digital wallet’ module and select ‘Add credential’
  • Select ‘Driver’s license’
  • Enter the license number that your physical plastic has
  • The digital license will be generated at no cost. To consult it, you must go to the ‘Digital Wallet’ module.

how to get a driver's license 2020

In case you have an expired non-permanent license and whose data is in the database, you can renew it from the CDMX App as of December 16; as long as you pay the renewal fees.

process the license online
* Image: CDMX App

Important data

The data that you will need to have on hand for the renewal of your license are: CDMX, CURP or RFC key and license number.

how to process the digital driver's license online

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