How to place a 3D wallpaper on your phone?

One of the advantages of having a smartphone with operating system Android is that they are compatible with a large variety of apps and games available on Google Play. Applications that are safe and mostly free, for example Forest Live Wallpaper, which allows you to add wallpapers in 3D format, also known as “holographic”.

The holographic ones allow the wallpaper to have movement at the same time that you move your phone and make it appear that the image sticks out of the screen, giving it greater realism. This is possible with Forest Live Wallpaper, available on Google Play, an app that you can download for free and here we show you how to use.

Forest Live Wallpaper, app in Google Play to download 3D wallpapers - Hello Telcel blog
Photo: Google Play

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How to place a 3D holographic wallpaper on your phone?

1. Download the app Forest Live Wallpaper from Google Play.

2. Now, open the application and give it the necessary permissions so that it works correctly on your phone.
3. A carousel with various wallpapers will automatically appear; different designs and themes in holographic format.
4. Tap on the button ‘Download’ or ‘Download’ to save your favorite wallpapers.
5. Click on the button ‘Set Wallpaper’ to see the full wallpaper and choose the one you want on your phone.
6. Finally, at the top right click on ‘Set as wallpaper’ and ready.

It’s that simple your wallpaper will come to life! The best of all is that through this app you can find the images that you like the most and that go with you.

3D wallpaper step by step to have yours on your phone - Hello Telcel blog
Photo: Google Play

Try this trick and take advantage of the fact that with your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan Do you have the Double Gigas to navigate in your favorite apps, with the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed. What’s more, charged to your Telcel Invoice you can download the premium version of Forest Live Wallpaper to get more designs.

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Do you already know what your new 3D wallpaper will be? If you do the step by step that we share here, show us what your phone looks like! 😁

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