How To Manually Update An Apple TV

To get the latest tvOS updates, users can update their Apple TV manually at any time if automatic updates do not install the newest software version.

Like most of the company’s products, the Apple TV receives routine updates that add new features, bug fixes, and security patches long after a device’s purchase — but if automatic updates are not reaching a user’s Apple TV, a manual update is required. Due to the device’s price and feature set, an Apple TV is a tough sell for the average user looking to make their current TV smarter. A common goal of products like the Apple TV is to bring streaming services to the average television, but competing options achieve that goal at a much lower price point than the Apple TV. However, Apple’s offering is a step above the rest in terms of software updates and compatibility with the company’s ecosystem of connected devices.


Though the Apple TV is a pricey option for a glorified streaming stick, there are solid reasons that someone would choose to purchase the product over other competing options. The streaming box has integration with the company’s own streaming services that are popular among its users. There are native applications built directly into tvOS for Music, AppleTV+, Apple Arcade, and Apple Fitness+. This is in addition to the ways that the Apple TV can connect with other Apple devices, highlighted by screen mirroring, which displays an iPhone, iPad, or Mac’s screen on a connect television. These features alone begin to justify the price of an Apple TV, depending on how often these features and services are used, and the software updates are another plus.

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The Apple TV receives automatic, over-the-air software updates by default, so it is possible that the device has already received software updates without the user’s knowledge. If automatic updates aren’t going through, users can view the current software version and initiate a manual software update through the Apple TV settings menu. To see if an Apple TV is set to receive automatic updates, navigate to Settings > System > Software Update. On this page, there will be an ‘Automatically Update’ toggle. If this setting is enabled, the Apple TV will receive automatic, over-the-air software updates shortly after the update is released. Users can turn the ‘Automatically Update’ toggle on or off based on their preference, and check for a manual update at any time.

Check For And Initiate Manual Updates

Apple TV

To view if there is an update available on an Apple TV, open the device’s settings. Then, select ‘System’ and navigate to ‘Software Updates.’ If there is an update available, an option will appear to download and install the update to the Apple TV. Select ‘Download and Install‘ to begin the process, which might take some time. After the update is downloaded onto the Apple TV, the device will restart and prepare the update. Once the update has been prepared, it will be installed and the Apple TV will restart automatically when the update has been successfully installed.

If an Apple TV is unable to check for an update, or successfully install it, there are a few measures that can be taken to uncover the issue. The first thing to check is the Apple TV’s internet connection — the device must be connected to a stable WiFi or ethernet connection in order to both check for and install the update. If an update appears to be installing slow or paused, Apple doesn’t recommend unplugging the device. Instead, give the Apple TV more time to install the update and contact the company’s support team if the issue persists. Issues that arise during an update might prompt the user to choose between ‘Erase All Settings‘ or ‘Restart.’ Always try the ‘Restart‘ option before erasing the settings associated with an Apple TV. These issues likely won’t be a problem for most users when installing an update manually, and it’s a good alternative to automatic updates on Apple TV.

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