How to make your cell phone battery last longer?

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With the constant use of the cell phone, its battery tends to deplete, know how to make it last longer and not have to charge it all the time

Currently the smartphones are the most used devices worldwide, however the battery tends to wear out quickly.

Although people can bet on powerful batteries, if they do not maintain the necessary care, their performance is likely to suffer.

Although it is normal for the battery depletes with use, there are certain actions you can take to extend the life of these devices.


Here are some tips to extend the life of your smartphone’s battery:

Do not let the battery drain below 20%

“The battery has a certain number of life cycles, every time the phone shuts down due to a complete discharge, it counts as one cycle.” Therefore, it is recommended not to let the telephone get to zeros, so it doesn’t count as a full charge.

Use original chargers

The chargers Originals come with the company guarantee, and they also promise to comply with the proper voltage regulation. Using unapproved equipment could affect the integrity of the smartphone.

No need to fully charge it the first time

All smartphones have a charge manager that allows them to provide the necessary power to the battery when needed.

No matter how many hours you charge, the battery won’t last much longer. The charging hours do not influence the life span. Therefore, it is not recommended to charge it during the last night.

Avoid wearing all the glitter

It is advisable to reduce the brightness especially in situations where it is not necessary.

Charge your gear until it reaches 80%

Experts recommend keeping the battery between 50-80% capacity.

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Turn off the bluetooh when you’re not using it

Is Connection ends up draining your battery quickly. Also, for security reasons, it is necessary to deactivate the bluetooh when you are away from home or somewhere safe, as cybercriminals will take advantage of any available connection to steal information.

Do not use the device while it is charging

Manufacturers recommend that during the first ten minutes of charging, more or less, the cell phone be left alone.

Activate dark mode

Dark mode is vital for better performance and care of the cell phone battery. For a better reading and less damage to the eyes this mode is the most recommended.

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