How to listen to WhatsApp voice messages before sending them?

WhatsApp audios

WhatsApp made changes so that people can listen to voice messages before sending them

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular applications, one of the most used being its voice messages.

“WhatsApp audios or voice notes came to the app in 2013. Little by little they made their way and more and more users have adopted them”

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Now users can listen to your voice memos before sending them. This way they will be able to correct in case they have made a mistake.

“To record a voice message, simply touch the microphone icon, hold it down, speak, and then release it and the note is sent automatically. But WhatsApp has just released a way to record voice notes that allows you to listen to them before sending them, or discard and re-record them again if you want ”

WhatsApp He explained that with this function, people can feel more confident when making a voice message, since they can correct it if they don’t like it.

It is hoped that now people will be able to use this tool more and in this way increase traffic.

“Now you can preview your voice on WhatsApp before sending it. They are not mistakes, they are trials. Now you can preview your voice messages before hitting send ”

This new tool comes with the possibility of accelerating the audios to x2. And the option to lock the record button to not hold your finger.

To listen to a WhatsApp voice message Before sending it, it is necessary to block the button to record a voice message, but you should not press the green button to send.

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There is a pause button. If you press it, you can stop the recording and listen to it. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can press the trash button to be able to discard it.

“This way, if you are not convinced of the result, you can simply press the trash button to delete the voice message. But if you think it’s okay, you just have to press the send button so that it reaches the recipient “

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