How to listen to a WhatsApp audio without the notification appearing

Listen to an audio on WhatsApp without the person who sent it knowing today it is possible.

With these three tricks, you can prevent the sometimes uncomfortable blue double notification from appearing on the caller’s screen and, with it, blame them for taking too long to respond or ignoring instructions.

The simplest way is open the app once the voicemail has arrived and wait for it to download in the app without entering the specific chat. Subsequently, the mobile must be put in airplane mode. Now you can press “play” and listen to the voice of the sender without leaving a trace because, as you do not have internet, the application cannot track your steps.

The second way is based on the same system. Once the audio is downloaded, instead of resorting to airplane mode, you can go to the folder where WhatsApp saves the file and play it from there without anyone knowing you’ve heard it. To find the path, use a common file explorer or the VLC tool.

Lastly, Creating a conversation with yourself and forwarding the audio to you can be the ultimate solution to listening to messages without anyone knowing that you have.. You can take advantage of a previous group in which you have been left alone or create it with someone you trust and then dissolve it so as not to violate the privacy of whoever sends you a voice message by sharing it with third parties.

If none of these dyour options are worth talking to yourself, enter the mobile browser and type, changing the XXXXX to your phone number, including the country code, without the + in front of it. You will access WhatsApp Web, which will ask you if you want to chat with that number.

Once you open the conversation, you must write several messages. Then go back to the original conversation, forward the audio, and select yourself as the recipient. If you are already on the list of frequent recipients you will not have any problem. If you haven’t already, keep typing until the app takes the plunge.

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