How to know the battery health of my Android phone or iPhone

Thanks to mobile technology that is modernized day by day, today smartphones Android or ios they are built to last for many years. Of course, its use and the way you make it work contributes to battery performance. If you feel that it no longer acts in the same way, there are some tricks that will make you know its health.

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Charged battery

Before knowing the procedure to know what the health of your phone’s battery is, you should know that in iPhone is achieved from the menu Settings; Meanwhile in Android you will need a completely secure app available in Google play.

How to know the battery status on Android phone

Many Android phones don’t reveal this information directly, but there are apps that let you know. One of them is Ampere, which you find on Google Play.

Ampere allows you to view data on the central screen of your phone, one of which is the state in which your phone’s battery is currently. All you have to do is download the app and enter the option “Health” and check the metrics that exist.

Ampere Google Play app
Photo: Google Play

This is what you have to do on an iPhone

In the case of phones with the iOS operating system, there is no need to download extra applications; since within its configuration menu data about the status of your battery is shared. For this you have to:

1. Enter the menu Settings from your iPhone.
2. Find the option that says “Drums”.
3. Select the one that says “Battery health”.
4. Go to where it says “Maximum capacity”If you see a percentage greater than 80%, it means that the battery’s health is good.

Low battery iPhone phone

Some tips to improve the quality of your phone’s battery is not to wait for it to reach minus 20% before deciding to charge it. It is also not advisable to leave it charging for more than 100%.

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Phone charging

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Also remember that if your phone’s battery does not appear as “good” it does not imply that you are taking risks. Quite simply, the duration of the charge will have been reduced considerably, so there is nothing to worry about. 😉

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