How to know if you have already accepted the new WhatsApp policies?

It is already decided. WhatsApp will implement its new policy Conditions and Security this 15 th of May in all those users who have already accepted them. This decision was made known since the beginning of the year, although the application had to clarify what it was about before making it take effect.

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For the safety of its more than two billion users worldwide, recently WhatsApp disclosed that, whether or not they have accepted the new policies, no one will have their account deleted or lose WhatsApp functionality after the update. But, if you have not accepted, some tools will stop working, such as being able to read or send messages from the app.

WhatsApp new conditions and security policies for May 15

These new policies or conditions of WhatsApp will allow the application to merge with Facebook and thus obtain information to improve your targeted advertising system. However, WhatsApp has ensured that the personal data and information of each user will remain protected. But how do you know if you have already accepted the new policies?

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How to know if you have already accepted the new WhatsApp security policies?

It is possible that you have read a lot of WhatsApp in the last days and now you are wondering when you accepted the security policies or if you have not. To be safe, pay attention to the following points.

– Users who have not accepted the conditions of the next update, have a wake-up call at the top of their conversations.

– If you have not accepted the conditions of the app, you will be shown the WhatsApp statuses with information on the new policies.

WhatsApp statuses, user information, personal data

– If neither of the two previous notifications appears, you can go to the menu Settings from the app and then Help- Application Info. This section shows the call for attention to accept them.

Now, if none of these options appear, it means that you have already accepted the new policies and you can continue using WhatsApp normally from 15 th of May. In addition, you will continue to enjoy the app unlimitedly thanks to your Telcel’s Unlimited Friend and connectivity to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

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Everyone will be getting the new update very soon, with new policies and possibly some of the most anticipated features. Remember to keep your app updated and be aware of Hello Telcel, where we tell you everything about your favorite application. 😉

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