How to know if they read your WhatsApp messages even if they have deactivated the blue check?

Send a message by WhatsApp and not finding an answer is like speaking into a void. Therefore, the usual is check if the recipient has received the text and has read it. The blue double check allows you to verify it in seconds, but how do you know if the user has this option disabled?

Mischief offers alternative avenues for both groups and “you to you” conversations. In the case of individual messages, it is necessary to send a voice message to know if the recipient is actually accessing the content of the chat and shut up for an answer.

It is true that you can see your texts, stickers, emojis and photos without knowing it but this does not apply to voice messages. If you put that ‘little hoax’ on him and he hears the message, the double blue check, and you will know that, indeed, it has received your communications.

In the case of group chats, it is even easier to know if whoever has chosen to delete the ‘blue checks’ from their WhatsApp reads what you write. Even if the user has deactivated the read receipt for normal messages, their passage through joint conversations always leaves their mark.

With the purpose of know who has read the messages of your group, you must press and hold your finger on the message and click on the ‘information’ option. The legend ‘Seen by’ will be displayed and this way you will be able to know who has read the message.

In the case of an audio, you will also have the option to know if it has been played. If you have a lot of interest in know if a person reads your whatsapp You can use these tricks or perhaps the best option is to respect the privacy of your interlocutor, who has decided not to share with anyone the moment in which he accesses the messages. Perhaps he has seen them but has not had time to answer. Investigating further may cost you an unwarranted upset.

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