How to improve the quality of your work video calls?

The Tec de Monterrey offered some tips that will help you improve a work video call and present yourself in a more professional way

With the pandemic for the Covid-19 many people have been forced to perform Home Office. This increased the popularity of video calls.

However many people had problems with their Internet connection, This caused the loss of professionalism at work.

video calls

That is why Tec de Monterrey offered some tips to improve the quality of your video calls for the work meetings.

Lighting, sound, framing, etc. they are elements that people must take into account so that their meeting looks professional.

Improve the quality of your video calls with these simple tips

Use good lighting

According to photographer Abigail Guzmán, lighting is key for a person to look good and have a more professional appearance.

The expert recommends “putting a light at the level of the face to avoid glare or shadows where they should not and avoid the effect of backlighting by covering possible windows or doors behind you.”

Prepare the shot

Abigail Guzmán also recommended being at a distance of at least half a meter from the camera, for a close-to-mid-shot frame.

He also stressed that a little air should be left over the head to allow the shoulders to be seen. The camera must be at the level of your face, so that you do not see a lot of forehead or a lot of double chin.


work video calls

In a video call It is important to take into account the background, if you do not want certain elements to appear it is better to remove them. In this sense, it is important to remove mirrors or glass.

Certain applications already offer certain tools that help you not to see your background.


Alfonso Álvarez, production manager at Tec Sounds Radio, points out that audio is as important as image for a work video call.

For this reason, it is recommended to test your audio before starting a meeting, since you can test how you hear yourself. Applications like Zoom they allow you to do sound checks.

To improve the sound, it is recommended to be in isolated places, away from windows or doors. If there is a lot of outside noise, it is better to turn off the microphone in video calls and only turn it on when necessary.


Mariana Almazzi, theater actress, assured that body movements are also very important if you want to have a professional appearance.

He recommends not crossing your arms in front of your chest, maintaining a relaxed position, with your shoulders back. It is also advisable to use a comfortable chair that allows you to stay for several periods of time.

In the same way, it is entrusted to cover your box so that you do not get distracted with yourself and you can pay attention to the other person or people.

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