How to hide likes on Instagram and Facebook posts’

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Users will be able to choose if they want to see the number of likes on Instagram, soon this option would also be available on Facebook

Since July 2019 it has been testing in Instagram the option of hide the “I like” of the publications. After a test among some users, it has already been officially launched.

This option will soon also come to Facebook, so from now on people are the ones who will decide if they want the likes that their content receives to be seen.

“What we have heard from both our community and experts is that not seeing the Likes number was beneficial for some and annoying for others”

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According to the platform the option of hide the “I like”Was designed with the intention of improving the user experience and making them more positive.

“What one person wants from their Instagram experience is different from the other and people’s needs are changing. We have been working closely with outside experts to better understand how to empower people, develop self-awareness and shape a more positive experience on Instagram. “

Experts have pointed out that people look to social media have the approval of people, so hiding likes can reduce the effects of negative comments.

“It is our responsibility to amplify the good and reduce the bad as much as possible”

The option of hide the “I like”Does not change the operation of the algorithm that chooses the posts that appear in custom threads.

How to hide ‘likes’ on Instagram?

They can hide the likes, both in own publications and in those made by other users.


To eliminate third-party reactions, you must enter the configuration of Instagram and go to the Privacy section. In the Publications section they will have to activate the option ‘Hide counts of likes and reproductions’.

In the case of your own publications, you have two options to deactivate the public count of likes from the advanced settings, just before publishing a photo or video. With the second, the function is activated or deactivated after publishing.

Instagram You also have the option of not showing the likes in any content previously published on our profile. It doesn’t matter how old it is.

It is expected that soon the option to hide the “likes” will be in Facebook and it can also be activated from ‘Settings and privacy’ in the ‘Hide reaction count’ option.

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