How to get the best performance from your laptop in Windows 11?


Windows 11 presents some options to extend the life of your laptop’s battery, know the tips to get the most out of your computer

One of the problems of laptops is their autonomy, and it is that with the passage of time the useful life of the battery is affected, so it is common that it needs to connect for a longer time to continue working.

Although it is a common problem in these devices, the operating systems have some options that allow you to increase the battery performance.

your laptop battery on Windows 11 performance

Here are some tips to get the most out of your laptop battery in Windows 11:

Keep equipment up-to-date to improve its performance

The updates fix security loopholes, improve performance, add new features, and improve software performance.

This improves the energy consumption, since the operation of the equipment is more efficient. In this way the battery life.

Use the battery saver

Windows 11 count with one battery saver which eliminates the synchronization of emails, calendars, and restricts the activity of applications when you are not actively using them.

This function is important when it is required that the battery of the equipment last longer and does not waste energy with elements that are not necessary.

Reduce screen brightness

The screen is responsible for much of the battery consumption, it is best to never have more than 50% of the brightness.

In this way you can help to take care of the useful life of your battery and at the same time protect your eyes.

Choose the Windows 11 dark mode option to improve performance

Microsoft includes as a battery saving advice putting the dark mode. This limits the amount of power the screen is using, this time by using darker shades rather than bright, vibrant colors.

your laptop battery in Windows 11

Control Windows 11 Power Usage

You must regulate the energy plans, if you find yourself using normal applications the most recommended is to select low consumption.

In balanced mode if we are demanding the team with more demanding tasks and high performance to play or if you find yourself occupying heavy programs.

Rebooting the laptop regularly can also help

This closes programs and processes that are not used and have been forgotten. In the meantime, if you don’t use the Internet or Bluetooth, you can save some battery power by activating airplane mode.

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