How to extend the battery life of your MacBook?

MacBook lifespan

Although with use the battery damages the battery, there are certain tips that will help you keep it in good condition for longer. Find out how to extend its useful life

Many people bet on acquiring a Macbook because of the possibility they have to work wirelessly wherever they are.

However, the battery It is one of the elements that wears the most of a mobile device for its use. But there are some tips to help you extend its useful life.

MacBook charge

When the useful life of the MacBook battery is affected, users are forced to resort to a charger to be able to use your device, which will limit its portability.

Learn how to extend the battery life of your MacBook?

First full charge

When you purchase a Macbook or has your battery It is recommended to shit it 100 percent the first time it is connected to the power. Regardless of whether the device is in use or not while charging.

Experts point out that this situation helps the battery calibration to be done faster and in the long run its useful life not affected.

Charge your MacBook when it’s off

If the computer is new it will not affect as much if it is used while it is charging. However, it is recommended that you do not occupy the MacBook while it is connected to the power.

When a user needs to use it while it is charging, it can be done, although it is advised not to carry out very heavy processes.

Maintain the temperature of the laptop to improve the useful life

MacBook warming up

According to Apple, their Macbook They must be found in places where the temperature does not drop below 10 ° C and does not exceed 35 ° C. 22 ° C is the ideal temperature for the company.

The company recommends not using your device in places that do not meet these temperature conditions.

Do not perform processes that heat the battery of your MacBook

Manzana recommends not using applications that increase the internal temperature of the laptop. If the use of powerful tools is required, it is advised to exercise some caution when doing so and expose the equipment as little as possible to this situation.

In this sense, it is recommended to use the equipment on a cold surface that helps to control the temperature.

Complete one charge cycle per month

A full charge cycle is considered when the equipment is charged from 0% to 100%. To do this, the battery must be completely discharged.

It is recommended that you use your computer at least once every 30 days without a charger and wait for it to run out.

This will help the electrons in the battery maintain a constant flow and not deteriorate so easily.

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