How to easily download YouTube videos thanks to Snappea

Now, the only downside that we can find to the Google platform is we need to have an internet connection to be able to play any of your videos. The truth is that currently it is relatively easy to find a WiFi network to connect to at any time, but everyone knows the risks of connecting to certain public networks. In addition, we do not always have a good connection available that allows us to play YouTube content fluently.

If you are a frequent user of YouTube, surely on more than one occasion you have thought why doesn’t it offer the possibility to download videos of the platform, but it is something that Google does not support, since there are different legal aspects that have to do with the copyright of many of the contents of the platform.


This has caused that certain websites or applications that promise to download YouTube videos for free are the ideal claim for all kinds of scams or attacks with no good intention. Therefore, it is always recommended be careful with this type of webs or apps.

However, this does not mean that there are certain tools that are completely reliable and that we can use completely free of charge. One of the most popular and used is Snappea, a tool that has been specially designed to be able to download any YouTube video in the fastest and easiest way. In this way, we can save on our computer those videos that we want to play later without having to be connected to the Internet.

Snappea online and app to download videos from mobile

Snappea is a tool available through our Web navigator favorite to be able to download videos from the computer and that, in addition, has your own app available for devices with Android operating system. This does not mean that we cannot download YouTube videos through Snappea from an iPhone, but in this case we will have to access the website from the browser of our smartphone.

Convert online with Snappea

Its use could not be easier, since does not require any type of registration. Contrary to what happens in other types of tools of this type that require prior registration to be able to use them. Therefore, in the event that we are going to download a video from the Google platform from the computer, all we have to do is visit the Snappea website and follow the steps that are requested from the site. In just a couple of clicks we will have the video chosen downloaded to our hard drive. Without a doubt, one of the fastest and safest ways to convert any YouTube video to MP3.

Positive things about this application

One of the advantages offered by this useful tool is that it allows us to download full videos in MP4 format or just download the audio from the video, in which case it is saved as an MP3 file. Therefore, if the audio of a YouTube video is enough, we can simply download sound to be able to listen to it as many times as we want without having to be connected to the Internet. Very useful, for example, when what we want is to download music and we only need an MP3 video converter.

Using Snappea on mobile

If what we want is save full video, that is, both the image and the sound, we can also do it simply with Snappea. We only have to indicate that we want to save the complete video from the indicated YouTube URL on our computer or mobile phone and it will automatically be downloaded in MP4 format so that we can play it whenever we want without the need for connection or consume data from our mobile rate.

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