How to download your Covid-19 vaccination certificate?

Covid-19 vaccination certificate

The Ministry of Health launched a new tool for people who want to acquire their Covid-19 vaccination certificate and it is now that it can be downloaded by WhatsApp

The Government of Mexico announced that people who had already complied with the full system of vaccination against him Covid-19 could process your certificate.

Once the required doses have been completed people could download this certificate with official validity with which they could verify that they were already vaccinated against him coronavirus.

vaccination certificate Covid-19 mexico

This document is requested mainly for those people who want to travel to another country. The document has a QR code that can be scanned by authorities to access information about the process of vaccination in real time.

In order to get the Covid-19 vaccination certificate, people had to enter a page and do the procedure.

How to get your Covid-19 vaccination certificate on the page?

If you want to get your certificate on the page you must do the following steps:

  • Access
  • You must have your CURP
  • Once you have accessed your data, you will be notified that the information was sent to the email registered at
  • Two leagues will come in the email: ‘Certified League’ and ‘Clarification League’.
  • In the first, you can check the Covid-19 vaccination certificate.
  • If when consulting the information you realize that there are errors in the data, you must click on the clarification link.
  • To clarify, you will be asked to fill in data such as CURP, location email, mobile phone and you will have to attach a copy of the proof of vaccination in .png .jpg or .pdf format.
  • Finally you must click on send

Due to the fact that there have been some problems on the page, the Federal Government’s Secretary of Health announced that the process can be carried out through WhatsApp.

So you can download your Covid-19 vaccination certificate through WhatsApp

It was announced that people will have two options to download their Covid-19 vaccination certificate via WhatsApp

  • The first option is to register the number of Dr. Armando Vacuno (56 1713 0557) in the contact list of the mobile phone and then start a chat on WhatsApp.
  • Another is to scan the WhatsApp QR code that is presented in the image of this tweet

How to start a conversation on WhatsApp?

Armando Vacuno

  1. The conversation in the WhatsApp chat should start with the word: Hello
  2. Doctor Vacuno’s bot will respond by asking you to write the word Certified
  3. Then it will ask you to write your Unique Population Registry Code (CURP)
  4. Subsequently, they will ask you for your name, your date of birth, the vaccine you received and the number of doses (these data can be found in the file that they gave you after obtaining the vaccine)
  5. They will send you a link that will direct you to the file that contains your vaccination certificate, which will contain your personal data, date, brand and batch of doses received
  6. At that time the bot will offer to download the Covid-19 vaccination certificate (option 2)
  7. Enter your CURP again and voila, you will be able to download the file that contains your proof of vaccination
  8. Finally, the Dr. Vacuno bot will ask you if you want to register to receive notifications about the Covid-19 vaccination, to which you can answer yes or no.


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