How to download Signal on your cell phone and what functions this messaging offers

Because the world of technology is about variation and knowing all the available options, we tell you everything about this instant messaging application, how Signal is used and what it offers.

how Signal is used and what it offers

What is Signal?

Signal is an instant messaging application. It was born in 2013, and is an alternative to others such as WhatsApp or Telegram. It is not such a well-known app, but it is very practical as it offers maximum privacy for Internet users.

what is signal

Encrypted messages

Signal uses an end-to-end encryption protocol for all communications that is called Open Whispers Systems. This means that the messages leave your cell phone already encrypted, and these are only decrypted when they reach the recipient’s mobile. This makes for great security and if someone were to intercept them on the way, they would not be able to read them.

In fact, Signal’s encryption is so popular and efficient that WhatsApp decided to use it when this type of technology began to be implemented.

how Signal is used and what it offers

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How do I get it?

  • Connect to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage to enter the AppStore or Google Play on your mobile taking advantage of the gigs of your Telcel Max No Limit Plan, and download the Signal application.
  • Once the application is downloaded, you just have to follow the steps: accept the license and grant the permissions to access your contacts; as well as the notifications of your mobile.
  • Subsequently, enter your phone number, place a profile photo and the name with which you want to be identified in the app.
  • Establish a security PIN so that with this, your Signal account is encrypted within their servers.

how Signal is used and what it offers

What functions does Signal offer?

This app is very similar to most instant messaging applications, so if you usually use Telegram or WhatsApp, you will have no major problem understanding how it works.

Within the conversations you have, you have the option of making voice calls, sending audios, photos, videos, as well as GIFs, files, contacts and your location.

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You have the ability to block contacts, to silence notifications in a chat, change their sound, search. Wow, everything that every good messaging app offers.

If you prefer, you can configure the self-destruction of the messages you send, after the period of time that you establish; from 5 seconds to a week. That way you can increase the security of your conversations.

what functions does signal offer

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Now, you have one more alternative to chat with your friends and family; and share the best photos, memories or memes.

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