How to delete “for everyone” a message read in a WhatsApp chat

Chatting is one of the most fun activities, since in a matter of moments we can catch up with our best friends or family. But sometimes by having so many open chats, we can get confused in one conversation and respond in another. Has it happened to you? Everything has a solution so before you get nervous, here we explain how to delete a message read in a WhatsApp chat “for everyone”.

How to delete

WhatsApp gives you the ability to completely delete a message read in a conversation. Discover how it works and enjoy all the news of WhatsApp taking advantage of the fact that this and all the apps of your favorite social networks are unlimited in your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan with #TelcelLaMejorRed and the best coverage.

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How to delete a message read on WhatsApp?

Many times we do not instantly realize that we have sent a wrong photo or text in the chat. Therefore, if the message has not yet been read, WhatsApp gives you up to 60 minutes to be deleted.

Although there is also a to delete your messages after hours and even day, find out in this link.

But if they have already read your message, you still have a chance to delete it, although you only have a very short time. Although WhatsApp has not confirmed the time exactly, many users have revealed on social networks that it is only a few minutes. So in order to delete a message “for everyone” that has already been read, you must immediately realize your mistake and act quickly.

delete whatsapp message for everyone

Although the notification of “message deleted” within the conversation will appear instantly, you will have deleted the evidence of the wrong text or image. Preventing someone from taking a screenshot.

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