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Despite having millions of users around the world, WhatsApp it has many features unknown to the vast majority of its users. There are some tricks That allow us customize the app and put it to our liking without using external applications.

WhatsApp is the world’s leading messaging application.

Use your face in emojis

Those who have a telephone Iphone have the possibility to put a face to their emojis. To do this, we have to open any conversation, click on the emoji icon and then on the three ellipsis (…) that will allow you to start designing your own avatar.

However, if your mobile is Android you will have to download some of the applications that you will find in google store for this, although Samsung phones are already incorporating a new tool called ‘My emoji’ that allows you to do the same as Apple’s.

Dictate messages

If you don’t want to keep writing, WhatsApp has a functionality that allows you to dictate the text in which you only have to click on the writing bar and ‘click’ on the microphone icon located at the bottom of the screen. Thus, the voice recorder option will open, which will transcribe all the words that are mentioned. We can edit the text before sending it. In addition, it is possible to put punctuation marks, such as commas or periods, etc.

Change font

WhatsApp allows us to use three different fonts: bold, italic and crossed out. For each one there is a code that we must incorporate into the message.

If you want to send a phrase in bold font In WhatsApp, the message must be accompanied by two asterisk symbols, one at the beginning and one at the end of the text (* message *).

To send a message in italics we must incorporate before and after the underscores of the message (_message_). It is the same procedure as the previous one but replacing the asterisks with hyphens.

In case you want to send a crossed out message you will have to change the underscores to tillers, (~ message ~). Finally, if you want to change the fountain the only alternative is monospaced. To achieve this, you just have to place three flying commas at the beginning and at the end (“message” `).

Since incorporating so many symbols can be confusing, it is also possible to make changes from the same writing bar. Selecting all the words in the text displays various editing options, including changing the letter.

Message protection

The application allows you to use password to the platform to have all our messages protected and that no one, except who knows the code, has access to them.

Prevent download by default

If we do not want the memory of our phone to fill with images received or we want to protect some more intimate photographs, the ideal is to take are not downloaded by default. To do this, you must open the application and enter the ‘Configuration’ or ‘setup’ section. Once there, you must go to ‘Data and storage’, where you will find some options on the use of mobile phone data. When entering each of the categories, we must disable reference to automatic file downloads.

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