How to create your Instagram Top 9? Know your photos with more likes


With the arrival of the end of the year, came the option to see which were your most popular Instagram posts

Within hours of the end of the 2020, the social networks They have made a recount with the best of the year. People can also make their own list with what best of the year.

In Instagram is the Top 9, which allows showing the Photos with more likes of the 2020. This tradition consists of choosing the most popular photos of the year.

Top 9

It is a count that is carried out from a external application or through a website, when choosing the images a collage is made which can be shared from that moment on the social network of your choice.

How to make my Top 9 on Instagram?

Because it is a application external there are different options, however there are some popular ones depending on the OS that is used.

Next, we present the most popular ones to create your Top 9.


  • Creator Kit Top 9 for Instagram
  • Best of 2020 by Mater Bit
  • Top Nine for Instagram by Social Wrist Team


  • Top Nine for Instagram 2020 from Beta Labs
  • ASN’s Best Nine
  • Top Nine for Instagram 2020 by Top Nine

Web page:


best instagram photos

You should know that when making your Top 9 you accept the terms and conditions of each application, so Instagram is not responsible for that. You should only take into account that this tool works if your account Instagram it is public, otherwise it will not be able to read your statistics.

Several users of the network are sharing their own photos, showing their best of 2020, although many of them have agreed that most of their photos are from their homes or wearing face masks.

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