How to convert your WhatsApp Android to the style of iPhone?

Among the most wanted tricks of WhatsApp, there is one in particular that many people have started using. Is about the possibility to convert the application to the iPhone style if you have an Android phone. And most of those who have tried it have done so because they prefer the design of iPhone phones, but why?

Why do people prefer the iPhone WhatsApp design over Android? - Hola Telcel blog

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Many users say that the style they Manzana has given the instant messaging app on the phones iPhone It is much more striking, orderly and original unlike the one Android has. Some have even called it “minimalist”. So if you also like it more and want to transform your WhatsApp, here we share what you have to do.

WhatsApp design and style on Apple iPhone phones - Hola Telcel blog

How to convert your WhatsApp Android to the style of iPhone?

To be able to carry out this trick it is necessary to download a third-party application. It is a APK by name WhatsApp Fouad, which is in charge of doing all the magic: converting your Android WhatsApp to the iPhone style.

1. Download the latest version of WhatsApp Fouad on your phone.
2. Grant the corresponding permissions so that the APK can work on your WhatsApp.
3. Now, simply register your phone number.
4. You will receive a verification code to access your new account at WhatsApp Fouad.

5. The application will open and with it the option to choose between dark or light mode and voila, that simple you will get the iPhone style in your favorite app.

Remember that this is only an alternative to be able to visualize Apple’s minimalist design in your instant messaging app. But there is nothing better than using the original WhatsApp application and receiving all the news they are working on, taking advantage of the unlimited social networks that your Telcel’s Unlimited Friend and #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

Person trying the iPhone-style WhatsApp trick - Hola Telcel blog

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Do you know any other secret WhatsApp tricks? Do you think that the Android version of the app should change its design to one more similar to that of the iPhone? 🤔

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