How to check your laptop battery health in Windows?

laptop battery

The battery is one of the most important elements for the operation of your laptop, know how to check its status

In recent years, the use of laptops, one of its main advantage is the mobility it offers its users. However with its use, the drums it could be seriously affected.

One of the basic elements of mobile devices Are the batteries, since it is the one that provides autonomy. But it is also one of the elements that is damaged faster, damaging the operation of the team.

Portable battery

Windows allows to know if the drums of the laptop is charged, if we have to charge it, the usage time, etc. In fact it has some automatic measures to consume less battery and function properly in its last battery minutes.

The operating system also offers a tool that allows to know about the health status of the your laptop battery. Battery Report helps you know if it is in good shape or if it has problems in its operation.

How does Battery Report work?

Battery Report runs from the command line. To open it you have to open the PowerShell application as Administrator.


Once the command line is open, enter this command or command powercfg / batteryreport / output “C: battery-report.html”.

At that time, a report is generated that explains in detail how the drums from your laptop beyond what you know in your day to day and the information it shows Windows in the system tray.

The report will be generated and can be opened with the browser, since it is an HTML file. Among the data obtained is a technical sheet of the battery and the laptop.

‚ÄúCapacity, manufacturing, etc. you will also see a history of the charge cycles so that you can see the capacity obtained in each new charge and, ultimately, its autonomy “

This tool will only allow you to see the health status of the drums, but it will not solve the problems.

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