How to change the color of WhatsApp emojis?

There are a series of tricks that we can perform within WhatsApp that have gone unnoticed. One of them is being able to change the color of the emojis, in case you were bored by seeing only yellow faces.

One of them is power change the color of emojis, in case you were already bored seeing only yellow faces.

In order to change the color of the emojis, you will not need to download any external application and, in addition, it will not take you more than three minutes. Here we tell you step by step how to do it, so pay close attention!👀

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This is how you can change the color of WhatsApp emojis

This function only works for Android devices that have the latest version of WhatsApp, which corresponds to version of the app. If you are not sure if you have it, you can verify it in the WhatsApp official page And if you don’t have it, download it.

Once you have updated your WhatsApp, open the ‘States’ section, select the emoji you want to change the color of and a menu will automatically appear on the right with a color bar. Choose your favorite between different shades.

How to change the color of WhatsApp emojis from 'States' .- Hello Telcel blog

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Other tricks for WhatsApp statuses

One of the least used functions of the platform is the ‘States’, but now that you know this trick to change the color of emojis, you will surely want to explore more available functions such as add favorite part of your songs from YouTube.

Insert YouTube videos in WhatsApp - Hola Telcel Blog

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On Hello Telcel You will be able to discover all the tricks to make WhatsApp a more fun and original communication. For now tell us, did you already know that you could change the color of emojis?

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